1. Pre-drivers course Lincoln, Lincolnshire.


    The  pre-drivers course in Lincolnshire introduces novice and young learner drivers to driving and road safety. It includes car handling in a safe, non-highway location at RAF Scampton.


  4. The aim of our pre-drivers course is to prepare the student for their first driving lesson as we feel it is important that they have a full understanding of the vehicle that they will be driving out on the public highway! Sweden has seen a 40% reduction in collisions for young drivers after undertaking a pre driver training course.


  6. What will you do and experience on our pre-drivers course?


  8. Drive a vehicle in a safe environment, in order to put into practice the skills you’ve learned

  9. Understand and operate the main controls

  10. Understand vehicle dynamics and vehicle handling

  11. Gain a basic knowledge of the mechanical components of a car

  12. Gain an understanding the dangers of the road

  13. experience a passenger ride in a tack car

  14. experience a passenger ride in skid car

  15. Simulator driving

  16. Drive one of our training cars to learn how to:

  17. Move off safely and correctly

  18. Steer an accurate course

  19. Change up and down the gears

  20. Brake safely and come to a stop

£49 Per Person 
2 people per course