Crash Car Simulator  Lincolnshire Road Safety

The 2FAST2SOON road safety Crash Car Simulator is a modified Peugeot 207 that is kitted out with technology to simulate the experience of being in a car crash.

The simulation starts with a car journey on a typical Lincolnshire rural road with the car ending up in a collision. The occupants will experience the full consequences of being in a car crash. They will experience through simulation fire crews extracting them from the car with the ambulance providing first aid followed by arrival at an A & E department where one person dies through their injuries. This is followed by the knock on the door by the police officer at the parent's house delivering the fateful news. The girl's friends react on the loss of their best mate at the graveside. The whole experience is seen on in car DVD screens that play the video, a high quality sound system provides surround sound, and the car’s hydraulic suspension simulates the car journey and point of impact of the crash. The built in smoke machine and light show enhances the atmosphere in the car.

This car seats 4 people at a time and provides a unique experience lasting 5-20 minutes, this in turn gives the occupants the opportunity to learn from a simulated experience what a car collision is truly like, the after effects of this and the consequences associated with driving irresponsibly. A young driver aged between 17 -24 is the most vulnerable driver in the UK, and a young female passenger is the most vulnerable road user. It is therefore hoped that this experience will help young people understand the risks involved when driving and travelling in a vehicle that is being driven by a driver who takes unnecessary risks

The car is taken into schools, colleges and businesses to deliver road safety education to all age groups and all types of road users. The car attends modified car shows, cruise events and is often driven direct to car meets to tackle antisocial behaviour. A trained operator accompanies the car that is an advanced driver, has a background in modifying cars and has a wealth of road safety knowledge.

The Peugeot is not only used as a crash simulator but forms part of the LRSP (Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership) award winning 2FAST2SOON theatre production.

Crash Car Simulator - Extreme Road Safety

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