The 2fast2soon education and training programme is now in its 6th year!
Our theatre production had previously been delivered in our County’s theatres as a staged production and in 2010 2fast2soon received the acclaimed Prince Michael of Kent International award for road safety education! 

The whole programme has now been redeveloped so that it can now be delivered directly into schools, colleges and even business premises.  
We believe our new Phase 1 production will be even more impactive and effective than the original theatre production!  The new format also allows us to deliver this anywhere! We just need a 10m x 5m floor space to use as a staged area and enough room to place seats around this oval for the audience size. We perform our new production in the ‘round’, this makes it very personal to the audience; they can actual feel the emotion and experience close at hand the full power of this truly amazing production! 

We bring with along all with us the latest theatre equipment and our team of six people will set up within the hour ready  to perform the production ‘Kirsty’s story’ to the audience, leaving them speechless!
Following the completion of Phase 1 the team go onto deliver our Phase 2 workshop using elements from the production to cover all the other related road safety issues.  This is very interactive and we do use some fun activities to get the points across.
We then end the session by actively promoting phase 3 - the driver training element.

We would like to positively encourage you to make a booking with us ASAP as the interest has been very high and we wouldn’t like you to miss out!
2fast2soon has been developed specifically to help reduce the large number of young drivers and their passengers who are killed or seriously injured on Lincolnshire's roads but will also influence changes in driver behaviour for other road user groups.

2fast2soon supports PHSE programme and the principles of lifelong learning.
2fast2soon has greatly contributed to reductions in those killed and serious injuries (KSI) for young drivers and their passengers!