2Fast2Soon Young Driver Education Programme
Jason's Story

In an enticing theatre set-up environment students observe experienced actors play out the issues connected with a real life collision which happened in Lincolnshire.  The engaging performance paints the scene for the students to connect with the characters and understand loss of freedom, guilt and the long-term effects of all parties involved in a collision.  Students are introduced to the hugely important issues in collisions, highlighting factors such as risk, consequences, peer pressure and affects on the family.  

In an interactive workshop which immediately follows the drama, performers bring out the young people's ideas based on the performance and build on their discussion and debate.  The workshop is approximately 1 hour of group discussion, deliberation and feedback.  The focus of the workshop is to build strategies, coping mechanisms and make decisions for the students own future road careers. 

The aim of 2Fast2Soon is to:
- Raise awareness of the immediate and long term consequences associated
  with poor road user behaviour and decision making. 
- Establish improved decision making to enhance safety as a road user. 
- Identify factors associated with: risk, consequences, peer pressure and
  affects on the family. 

Set up time: 1 hour
Drama production: 30 minutes
Workshop: 1 hour
Removal time: 30 minutes
Total time in school: 3 hours

The space required is approx. 10 metres by 5 metres on the floor, or a stage can be used.

The team is self-sufficient in all sound and lighting.

Maximum audience size is up to 120 students per session.

There is a minimum contribution fee of 250 from schools/colleges per session.  This is in order that we are able to provide interactive and engaging performance and associated workshop.  A reduction for two consecutive sessions is available. 

Currently, 2Fast2Soon Jason's Story is available to book Monday Friday between September 2017 and June 2018.