Phase 2

Is an interactive workshop lasting approximately 45minutes and follows the Phase 1 theatre production. This gives the audience the opportunity to discuss with the cast how they were affected by the theatre production and allows them to have their questions answered.  The audience are also given a mobile phone number to text in their thoughts and feelings. This works in two ways; giving them the opportunity to express their emotions and providing us with valuable feedback, so that we can continue to evaluate the programme.

During the workshop we will explore attitudes to driving and travelling as passengers using elements from the theatre production to trigger these learning points. We will look at the top 4 main causation factors of injuries and deaths caused from road traffic collisions, known as the FATAL FOUR. For this element of the workshop we require members of the audience to take part in a sequence of practical demonstrations which provides a fun and interactive form of learning. We will then go onto discuss the Law and the full consequences to being involved in a road traffic collision.

We use our 60’’ TV screens and powerful sound system to show some of the latest road safety videos to further more get these points across. 

Following the completion of Phase 2 we then go onto deliver the Phase 3 driver training element. Here we discuss with the students the real cost to owning and driving a motor vehicle and put the questions to the students ‘do you relay need to drive at this time in your life?’ If the answer is’ yes’ we will look at ways to improving driving skills to become a safer driver and look at a way of reducing insurance costs with a brand new scheme for protecting insurance excess provided by AW accident and repair centre.  We actively encourage all of the audience to visit our 2fast2soon driver training centre to undertake one of our exciting driving courses!